April Inspiration {04.03.17}

Where did the month of March go and how is it almost Summer?! No complaints about that here since, as I write this, it has been raining for a week straight. I’ve been feeling really inspired lately by so many things and I wanted to share some of that with you all. Apologies this post has a little bit of everything in it, but variety never hurt anyone, right?


April Quote


I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am personally in life. You think at 21 you have your life all mapped out. Spoiler alert: life throws whatever it wants at you whenever it wants. My love and saint of a boyfriend is always telling me things will work out when they’re supposed to. I know he’s right, but since the love part of my love/hate relationship with social media shows me what others are doing, I get all anxious and want to rush the process. So, for April (and going forward) I’m going to learn to live in the moment and remind myself that life isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem in the those tiny Instagram squares. I think it’s very important to embrace what life has given you- the good and bad- and just enjoy it. Also, stop worrying about whatever everyone else is doing because in the end, does it really matter? Nope.


April Style Inspiration


This dress is off the shoulder and has pockets…need I say more? Even though navy is a dark color, I’m still obsessed would wear it all summer. A bit of a side note to my April style inspo…I’ve been working on my body/nutrition/health and really hoping my glamour muscles (that could be flab under your arm) will be ready for this dress. If not, I’m still wearing it because…its off the should and has pockets. Yes, please!


April Music Inspiration


If you have a chance, you should probably try to go one of these tour dates from The Maine. I’ll be at 2 because I just feel so proud of these guys. I’ve been following their career from the beginning and you just learn to love them as people. Their music is amazing. I just can’t say enough good things about these guys. This album is going to be AHHHMAZING, a feel good, and emotional one I can feel it. Listen to them here! Music is always inspiring for me. What type of music inspires you?


April Goal


I’m in an online bootcamp class with my bootcamp instructor that I’ve been a participant of for a very long time we have been talking about personal development. Something I think everyone can benefit from. I used to think “self help book? I don’t need that!” But you DO! My coach has always told me about this book “The Miracle Mile” because I am NOT a morning person and she recommenced this book to read. It’s currently on my nightstand so I will report back on how it is! Who knows, maybe I’ll actually get up and work out before work… But on a serious note, my goal this month is read more books like this for my mind. We get so wrapped up what others are doing or we get in a mindset where we think we’re stuck and this is how our life will be. Trust me, I had a breakdown about this recently. But you’re not stuck. If you feel stuck, make a change! Life is too short to be unhappy. You literally need to “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”.

Hopefully this post was somewhat inspiring for you friends. I think its a good thing that so many things (or people) can inspire you. It keeps you itching for more out of life and keeps a drive inside of you to do what truly makes you happy. All in all, April is about surrounding yourself with people, music, books, fashion- whatever makes you feel passionate- as much as you can. New month, new goals, make it count…we’re already 4 months in 2017- make the next 8 amazing.


“We’re still so fucking young, so we’ll party like it’s our last day.”- The Maine 






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